Bare Metal Tiger

Normalerweise schreibe ich hier ja in deutscher Sprache, denn englischsprachige Mopped-Blogs gibt es schließlich genug. Aber keine Regel ohne Ausnahme – getreu unserem Motto: No Rules. No Limits. Darum hier mal wieder ein englischsprachiges Bike-Portrait: Nuno’s Triumph Tiger im Bobber-Style.

When we met Nuno for the first time back in 2014 at the Choppertown Sideshow in Kaldenkirchen he first was not sure if he wanted to do that portrait. “Motor… what Pike?” – Never heard of it. But after a chat and a beer, we could convince him: MotorPike readers don’t wanna see Harleys all the time. And Nuno’s bike is one of the kind which you have to look a bit closer to see the details and the love he put in this bike. But hey, he can tell best in his own words. Here we go …

Who are you?
My name is Nuno Dias, I’m 31 years old and  from Portugal. I am living in Germany for almost 4 years now. I have a Master in Business Informatics and I’ve been working since 7 years now.

Since when do you ride motorbikes?
My first motorbike (real one) was on my 6th birthday, my father’s gift :) I had this Sachs 50cc for kids when I was 6. Then with 13 I started riding off-road with a Yamaha DT50LC with my dad. After that I got a Honda CR125cc, and then in the next years I had a CR250cc and later a KTM 300EXC. For riding the road, I got a Gilera Typhoon 50cc, a Yamaha TW125cc, BMW 650F. Currently, I own a KTM 450EXC, a BMW R100R Classic and this one: the Triumph TR6 Tiger.

Your motto/credo for life…?
Work hard, ride hard and have fun.

Why do you ride…?
Riding is a part of me. I can not imagine my life without riding. It works as a therapy.

What do you love about your bike the most?
The small details that almost anyone realizes (pipes, grip twist & grips), the fact of being almost original and … of course: The sound!

Self-made was…?
Exhaust pipes adaptation from a VW Käfer to the original exhaust system. License plate holder, Back fender structure Manufacturer: Alfons Czech from “Planet 10 Metalworks” and Sven Olbrich helped putting it together. Painting job: clear matte powder coat also from “Planet 10 Metalworks”.





Brand(model: Triumph TR6 Tiger
Built/Make: 1969
Enginge: 650cc, 42 PS
Tires: Front: Dunlop D408 90/90-19, Back: Shinko E240 DW 130/90 – 16
Handlebar: 7/8 Inch M Bars, no End plugs, black finish from Norman Hyde
Handlebar clamps: P clamps from Classic Bike Parts Cheshire
Twist grip: Classic Motorcycle Fast Action Twistgrip also from Classic Bike Parts Cheshire
Grips: Cult x Vans, Waffle Sole Flanged Grips from ChainReactionCycles
Tank: Triumph TR6 Fuel Tank 2.5 Gallon Raw from eBay
Rear fender: 5 inch Ribbed Fender from Vintique Cycles
Tailight: LED Taillight Classic metal black from Dock66